The Village Green Denture Clinic

About Our Clinic

Founded in 1991, Village Green Denture Clinic first opened its doors in Stoney Creek's Olde Village Town Centre. As a denture clinic, we strive to serve our town by listening to our patients' needs and fabricating custom-made dentures right in our office. Our aim is to help our residents improve their lives with organic dentures made to fit their individual mouths.

Accessible Clinic

At Village Green Denture Clinic, we want all our patients to have an easy time getting in and around our clinic. To support this goal, we have a ground-floor office with no steps into the building. At our location, you don't have to worry about getting on and off elevators. We also keep our facility walker- and wheelchair-accessible. We have oversized operatories so you have plenty of space to move around and turn your walker or wheelchair comfortably.

In-House Lab

In our facility, we produce custom dentures for each patient's individual smile. Our in-house lab enables us to fabricate onsite. Our direct process helps cut down on delivery time and improve treatment. We can also take care of both routine maintenance as well as emergency situations right in our office.

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Don't put off your smile any longer. Let our denture clinic in Stoney Creek help you find a brand new, beautiful smile. Fill out the form on our contact us page or call us at 905.664.9443 to schedule an appointment.

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