Implant Supported Dentures


Helping You Restore Your Smile

Implants have allowed us to be very successful at promising the patient they will eat again, like they used to with real teeth.

For mandibular or lower dentures, it is strongly recommended that 4 implants be the treatment mode. Two implants will help to retain the denture, but two fixed points, (2 implants) will still cause a rotation of the denture through the straight line between the 2 implants.

Four implants or more will not allow movement. This will lead to the best success for eating and the least amount of bone loss for your jaws.

For maxillary or upper dentures, we strongly recommend at least 4 implants. This again will lead to the best success and will allow us to remove the plastic plate from the upper denture, allowing you a more natural feel for speaking and tasting your foods.

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