Immediate Dentures


Helping You Restore Your Smile

Your real teeth and gums have been failing your for many years. Though you have gone to the dentist, had many treatments, spent thousands of dollars, you are here like so many people having to make “that decision”.

It is a big choice for you to say “I am going to have those real teeth removed and dentures put in”.

Dentures, especially lower (mandibular) dentures are the biggest “fire breathing dragon,’ that exists in dentistry today, especially when they are put into the mouth without support.

An immediate denture is a denture that is placed into the mouth immediately after the real teeth have been extracted. The premise behind this mode of treatment is, firstly, the gums are protected by a covering (the denture) which will help them heal; secondly, the patient can go out and smile and not be toothless; thirdly, the denture will help to maintain the jaw position.

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