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Dentures can go a long way towards improving your quality of life. They help you chew, talk, and swallow normally. With dentures, you can share your smile and laugh with confidence. If you need dentures, visit Village Green Denture Clinic in Hamilton. Our denturist will work with you to alleviate any concerns and help you find the right treatment for you.

Complete Dentures

Standard dentures can fulfill basic functions and work well on a rudimentary level. They will restore your aesthetics, function and confidence back to a normal situation. In contrast, customized dentures are made to fit your mouth. They look natural and should fit your mouth's contours more comfortably.

To make your dentures, our denturist will take impressions and record your jaw's movements. He then uses this information to create dentures that support your muscles, lips, and gums. When you get dentures, you'll feel like you have your original smile back. Use our dentures in Hamilton to talk, smile, and laugh without worry.

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Since 1991, the Village Green Denture Clinic has served denture patients in Hamilton, Stoney Creek, and the surrounding area with care and compassion. We work carefully to relieve your concerns. We seek to provide you with multiple dental care options that you'll feel comfortable with. Visit us for all denture-related and hygiene services Monday through Friday. We're available to help with general maintenance and with emergency services.

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Let your smile shine. If you need dentures, call us at (905) 664-9443. You can also request an appointment by contacting us via email. We look forward to improving your life with dentures when you visit.

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