Your Denture Care

Your Winning Smile

Dentures fabricated by our Denturist will provide you with a natural looking smile.  With proper maintenance, your smile will last longer for you.  As with natural teeth, your dentures will wear down and stain from foods/beverages and other habits, (eg. smoking).  And as we age, changes to our tissues in our mouths naturally occur, which in turn, affect the fit of your denture.  For this reason, you should see our Denturist at least once a year.  Our Denturist will provide the necessary treatment to ensure the proper fit of your denture, such as an adjustment or a rebase of the denture.  The proper treatment by our Denturist will help maintain the longevity of  the life of your denture with comfort.


When you receive your new dentures (first time wearer or not), you will have to adjust your eating habits until you get used to your new dentures.   Carefully chew your foods and eat softer foods, like mashed potatoes, soups etc. as they are new teeth and you will have to learn to eat with them.  Our Denturist will suggest suitable foods to eat in the beginning.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Your dentures should be cleaned after every meal.  Just as we clean our natural teeth, we should care for our dentures the same way.  Clean your dentures over a sink filled with water or over a towel.  If you accidentally drop your dentures, you can avoid breakage by having them drop into water or onto the towel.  Please avoid using gritty pastes or powders as they will eventually scratch your denture.  A lot of times, this will create points which may become sharp in your mouth.

When cleaning your denture, avoid holding them at both ends.  This may weaken the denture over time, and cause a break in the denture without even dropping them.  And don’t forget to use lukewarm warm water.

When you visit our Denturist each year, he can polish your dentures to bring back their sheen.  It is also very important to take your dentures out when going to bed.  This alone will help you with your oral health.  As this allows your gums to breath, heal from sores and protect the gums from further recession, which causes improper fit of the denture.

Continued Care

It is highly recommended you visit our Denturist at least once a year for continued care.  Our Denturist is professionally trained to observe and detect any abnormalities or conditions in your mouth.  If necessary, our Denturist will refer you to the proper specialist for specialized treatment.