Yikes!! My Dog Ate My Dentures!!!!

You have a dog, and he is your best friend!  And he loves you too!  He loves everything about you!  Dogs will chew on your slippers or shoes when you are gone, because he misses you.  And he will do the same thing with your dentures if they are accessible to him.  We hear this story many times.  You might leave your dentures on the table, or on the counter, or they’ve dropped on the floor without your knowing.  You’re not in the room, so “Buddy” grabs them and takes them to a nice place where he can sit and enjoy them!  And after only a couple of minutes, they are no longer useful to you.  You need help!  We can help you!  NO referral is needed.  We can usually get you in the same day.  Just give us a call, 905-664-9443 or email us at info@villagegreendentures.com to make an appointment.