When You Have No Teeth

Sometimes you end up with only some (or none) of your teeth left in your mouth, due to an accident, disease, genetics, or some other reason, when you are missing some or all of your teeth, you experience problems.

Confidence:  Your Beautiful Smile is gone!  So now you might be avoiding smiles or keeping your mouth closed when you smile.  You become self-conscious and your confidence is lessened.

Digestion:  Missing teeth and even sensitive gums cause you to chew differently.  Some people may not realize that chewing our foods is the first step in our digestion system.  When you can’t break down your food properly, you become prone to choking, digestive problems (like acid reflux) and other more serious issues.

Infections:  Missing teeth gives bacteria a place to develop and create plaque in your mouth.

Speech:  When you are missing teeth you need to learn to say some words again.  You might experience a lisp or a mispronunciation of certain words.

Jaw Problems:  Missing teeth may cause changes to your bite.  When you are unable to bite straight down on your food, your jaw will now begin to sit or slant to one side when chewing.  And while this still seems to allow you to chew your food, over time your jaw will adjust to its new position.  Causing a change to the shape of your face.

Don’t let any of these problems occur.  When you are experiencing problems with your teeth, call us at The Village Green Denture Clinic 905-664-9443.  We can work with you to give you back the confidence you need to smile!