When Will I Need Dentures?

Many believe that as we get older, we will eventually have to wear dentures.  But with proper dental and oral health care, we can push this option further into our future.  Brushing, flossing and regular dental visits will help you to keep your own teeth longer.

Should the loss of your teeth occur, then you need to be looking at dentures.  There are several types of dentures.  Initially, you may need a partial denture, which only replaces the few missing teeth that you have.  Keeping the healthy teeth that you still have is always the best choice for you.  They help to secure the denture as they fit between existing teeth.  Once all teeth are gone, there is nothing for them to hold onto to keep your denture in place.  This has always been the problem with regular dentures, although not always a big problem for a lot of people.  But after years of wearing regular dentures, people want more security.  And today, there is a solution!  Implant supported dentures.   These dentures are clipped on and off in your mouth.  So you can avoid the looseness, the denture falling out at embarrassing times and enjoy eating almost all of your favourite foods again!  And you feel confident again!  This is the closest thing today to having your real teeth back again, although it is still NOT the same as natural teeth.  So let’s take care of our real teeth while we still have them!  After that, come see us at the Village Green Denture Clinic.  We can help you through this transition.  We make all types of dentures to suit your needs.