The Gums on my Denture don’t Match the Gums in my Mouth

When the gums on your denture are not the same colour as your natural gums, they look fake. Everyone wants their dentures to look natural, so as not to appear to be wearing dentures.  But can the gums of the denture be lightened or darkened?  Unfortunately, this is not possible.  A new denture must be fabricated to get the proper shade.

If the acrylic on your doesn’t exactly match your gums, then the practitioner might be using a lab to do their denture work or they have a limited acrylic catalogue on hand.

The acrylics we use at the Village Green Denture Clinic are very translucent, thus, allowing your natural gum colour to come through.  They look different in each persons mouth, providing a custom look each time.  The acrylic we use is also hypo-allergenic and that’s always good!!