New Dentures or Tooth Add-ons?

Can I get a denture and teeth pulled the same day?

Yes, absolutely, with a little planning.  Come in to see our Denturist for a free consultation to begin this process.  We will take care of this whole treatment plan for you!  Impressions and fabrication of the dentures you require are done prior to the extraction date, usually about 2 weeks is needed here.  If you don’t already have a surgeon to do the extractions, we will set that up for you!  Then, we will work together with the surgeon and have your dentures ready.  You will pick up your immediate (new) dentures before going to the surgeon for your extraction appointment.  The surgeon will insert the dentures immediately after the extractions.  Then, we will take care of your aftercare treatment as well.  Regular appointments will help you transition to your new denture while healing.  Learning how to speak and eat with your new denture are part of the process too!  With our help, time and a bit of patience, you will get through this whole procedure successfully!