New Denture Challenges to Overcome

Too Much Saliva

A new denture is foreign in the mouth, so it is a natural reaction for the mouth to salivate more than usual.  As you adapt to your new denture, you can enjoy a hard  candy, promoting the swallowing of your excess saliva.

Sore Spots in the Mouth

This may occur due to uneven settling in the first few days after a new denture is inserted.  Rinsing with warm salt water will help to sooth the affected areas in your mouth while promoting the healing of these spots.  Your denture base and/or the biting surfaces may need to be adjusted.

“Full Mouth” Feeling

When you receive your new denture, things are going to feel very different in the beginning.  You might feel they are too big or your lips are being pushed forward.  The best advice for this transition is to wear your new dentures as much as you can, allowing the muscles to learn how to keep the dentures in place.

Slipping Dentures

While your dentures are moving around in your mouth, your lips, cheeks and tongue muscles work in overdrive, trying to get your dentures out of your mouth.  During this time, denture adhesive can help to keep them in place.

Ill-Fitting Dentures

As we age, our gums recede and shrink and our bones (jawbone, specifically) may deteriorate. These properties, among others, are huge factors affecting the fit and comfort of your denture.  Regular (annual) visits with your Denturist are important.  It may be time for an adjustment, a reline, a new denture or implant therapy.

Store Your Dentures Properly

When you are not wearing your dentures, it’s best to keep them properly stored.  Store them in a closed denture bath (or any closed container) with a denture cleaning solution with water.  Avoid letting them dry out, as this can lead to discolouration and/or distortion of fit.

Remove Your Dentures When Sleeping

Give your mouth and gums a break.  Removing your dentures at bedtime allows your gums to breathe, rest, recover and receive the anti-bacterial agents naturally present in your saliva.  Removing your dentures at night is the healthiest thing you can do for your oral state.