My Sister’s Teeth Fit Her Great, Why Do I Have Problems?

Patients will often compare their experience with dentures to someone else’s experience.  This is human nature and although it sounds reasonable, it really isn’t.  Everyone

Patient success with function and esthetics is directly related to the structures of the oral cavity and the patient’s chewing habits.  Some people chew only on one side, or chew heavier than others, which affect your bite and your comfort and your gum recession as the denture presses against your gums.  And there are varying degrees to how each patient cares for their oral hygiene.  This, too will affect your experience, ie when rinsing/cleaning your mouth and your denture is not done after eating, food is still under the denture and contributing to plaque and tartar build up.

Having made over 15,000 dentures, I can attest that no two were ever the same, and this statement is only referring to the structures involved.  The habits of the patient functioning will play a critical role in what they perceive as a good fit.

So comparing your fit to your sister or a friend, is really like comparing apples to oranges.  Each case here at the Village Green Denture Clinic is treated individually and we strive to provide the best possible outcome for each of our patients.