How To Keep Your Mouth and Dentures Healthy

While there seem to be a lot of instructions that come along with getting dentures, two of the most important cover a lot of territory: Do take your dentures out overnight for cleaning and don’t accept or try to adjust to an ill-fitting set. Cleaning the teeth — real and manmade — and caring for and resting the gums and mouth are essential for denture wearers, and having a proper fit ensures getting the most out of them for the longest amount of time.

Adhesives can fall in both the “do” and “don’t” categories. While muscles in the tongue and cheeks are adjusting to the new dentures, an adhesive may help prevent the dentures from excess slippage while you re-learn how to chew and talk [source: CUCDM]. Using adhesives for the long term and to secure improperly fit dentures, however, is considered a bad idea because it can lead to mouth sores and changes in the way facial muscles compensate [source: ADA]. If you feel like you have to use an adhesive to make your dentures fit, it may be time to have them adjusted.