How to Apply Denture Adhesive

We get a lot of patients asking about a good denture adhesive.  And we tell people that most of them do the job very well.  The trick to its effectiveness is in the application.  Here are a few tips:

  1.  Apply the adhesive evenly on the surface that rests on your tissues (gums)
  2. Less is more.  When too much adhesive is applied, it is uncomfortable and excess adhesive lands in the mouth.  Apply less adhesive than you think you should.  If you applied too little, you can always add more until it feels comfortable.
  3. Re-apply whenever necessary.  It may not last your whole day.  The effects of what you eat or drink may affect the longevity of the adhesive in your mouth, application may vary day to day.
  4. Remember to apply the adhesive to a freshly cleaned denture.
  5. Adhesive works best on a well fitted denture.  A lot of people think adhesive is used because the denture doesn’t fit well, but if it didn’t fit well, the adhesive would be ineffective as it will not have a solid surface to adhere to.