How Should I Clean My Denture?

‘How to clean my denture?’ is a question that is asked a lot.  Cleaning your denture should be a daily routine for everyone.

Use a denture brush or a gentle/soft toothbrush and denture cleaning paste.  You want to avoid using abrasive tools or cleansers, as this will scratch your dentures, leading to pockets for bacteria to collect.

Line the sink with a towel or fill the sink with water, so your denture will not break or crack if you drop it while cleaning.  When cleaning your denture, be careful how you hold your denture.  When the denture is held in the palm of your hand, it allows for stress on the denture causing distortion of the shape leading to a bad fit.  It is best to hold it with your fingers, and brush only on the area being held.

Brushing is important, and so is soaking!  Dentures should be soaked overnight, providing cleansing of bacteria and rest for your gums.  NovaDent is one of the best cleaners we know of for your dentures.  It’s antibacterial solution deep cleans your dentures giving you a clean and fresh denture for the morning!

Avoid using warm or hot water for rinsing or soaking.  Only cool water should be used so your denture fit will not be altered.

Remember, frequency is the key!  Keep your mouth free of food and rinse after every meal