How Often Should I See My Denturist?

Annual exams are very important for your oral health and the maintenance of your dentures.  Our Denturist helps you to do just that.  You want to have regular screening for oral cancer, as early detection gives you the best chance for treating it.  And there are oral signs relating to health issues that can be detected by your Denturist before you will notice them yourself.  And of course, you have spent a lot of money on your dentures, so most people WANT to take care of them so they will have longevity.  Our Denturist wants to work with you as you take care of yourself and your denture.

You should see your Denturist at least once a year for full denture wearers.

People with partial dentures or implant supported dentures, should go to see the Denturist 2 – 3 times per year for maintenance.

We also have a full hygiene department to help you take care of your partial denture and implant needs.