How Long Will My Teeth Last?

Most dentures have a 5-6 year life span.  Some people will wear them longer surely, but the biting edge is slowly worn down.   Denture wearers will compensate for the lost edge by chewing harder.   This will lead to stress and bone loss, especially for most people, because we all tend to chew on one side more than the other.   With this, we have uneven wear and stress which causes denture rotation or rocking.  Denture rotation leads to more bone loss or tooth loss, in the case of a partial denture.

Annual maintenance of your denture will help minimize the effects this chewing manner.  Your Denturist will check your bite at your annual exam and he will adjust it for you if it is required.  The better you care for your denture, the longer it will last for you and the healthier your bones will be!