Don’t Use Toothpicks on Your Dentures

When you want to clean your dentures, or clean food from them, you should take them out and rinse them.  By using a toothpick you can damage your denture by creating scratches or affecting the smooth transition from the tooth to the acrylic (gum) of the denture.  In some cases, people lose control of what they are working away at and the toothpick slips away from the denture and pokes into the live gums above or below the denture, causing injury.  A scratch on the gum is not good for anyone.  And when you are adjusting to dentures and trying to heal a scratch in your mouth, it makes for discomfort for a couple of days.  Cleaning your dentures is very important for the maintenance of your dentures, and the best way to do this is  by rinsing them with water after eating.  Another benefit of this, is that all food particles will be removed, ensuring proper and comfortable fit as you wear your denture.  For more information, call us 905-664-9443 or visit our website to make an appointment today.