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Effects of Poor Fitting Dentures

As people age, their dentures don’t change, but their mouths do. If you have false teeth, they should fit and you should be wearing them. Proper care and regular dental visits are important factors for keeping your mouth healthy and your dentures in good shape. Problems From Poor Fitting Dentures With age, the gum ridges in…

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Your Denture Care

Your Winning Smile Dentures fabricated by our Denturist will provide you with a natural looking smile.  With proper maintenance, your smile will last longer for you.  As with natural teeth, your dentures will wear down and stain from foods/beverages and other habits, (eg. smoking).  And as we age, changes to our tissues in our mouths…

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Do I Need to be Referred by my Dentist?

No, we are autonomous practitioners.  You do not need a referral.  We work with your Dentist, in some denture cases, and your dentist will refer to us, to proceed together with your denture treatment.  Whether you have a Dentist or not, you can call us directly to service your denture requirements.  You do not need…

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