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Dentures: How Visiting A Denturist Can Benefit You

PREVENTION AND TREATMENT Poor oral health can affect more than just your mouth, it can also have an impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing, but visiting a denturist can provide you with much-needed support and expertise. When tooth loss occurs — either through trauma or disease — many people feel overwhelmed. There will be…

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Can I Repair My Dentures With Glue?

‘I will just crazy glue it together.’ I hear this all the time. Really? Of course, the glue will fail in the mouth and the problem will become larger because the glue will melt the denture base material. Thus toxic substances should not be going on in the mouth. So get your dentures repaired at…

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Denture Repairs

Many patients will come in right away if a front tooth is lost, but they will put it off if it’s a tooth in the back and not visible in the mirror. The truth is, those molars in the back are just as important as the front teeth. Your molars support your bite and the…

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