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Avoiding Denture Problems

Some denture wearers experience infections in their mouths. Cheilitis is not common problems, but it can occur. Cheilitis is a painful infection causing inflammation and cracks in the corners of your mouth. It seems like it might be because of the dentures but it is, in fact, a result of yeast in your body. And…

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Dentures: How Visiting A Denturist Can Benefit You

PREVENTION AND TREATMENT Poor oral health can affect more than just your mouth, it can also have an impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing, but visiting a denturist can provide you with much-needed support and expertise. When tooth loss occurs — either through trauma or disease — many people feel overwhelmed. There will be…

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What is a Reline?

A reline is a procedure where we refit your denture by taking an impression to duplicate the shape of your gums that day. Over time the tissues change their shape, and usually unevenly, so by relining the denture base, we can create an even support for the denture on the tissue.  This reduces stress on…

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