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How to Apply Denture Adhesive

We get a lot of patients asking about a good denture adhesive.  And we tell people that most of them do the job very well.  The trick to its effectiveness is in the application.  Here are a few tips:  Apply the adhesive evenly on the surface that rests on your tissues (gums) Less is more.…

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Your Denture Care

Your Winning Smile Dentures fabricated by our Denturist will provide you with a natural looking smile.  With proper maintenance, your smile will last longer for you.  As with natural teeth, your dentures will wear down and stain from foods/beverages and other habits, (eg. smoking).  And as we age, changes to our tissues in our mouths…

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New Denture Challenges to Overcome

Too Much Saliva A new denture is foreign in the mouth, so it is a natural reaction for the mouth to salivate more than usual.  As you adapt to your new denture, you can enjoy a hard  candy, promoting the swallowing of your excess saliva. Sore Spots in the Mouth This may occur due to…

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Should I Use Denture Adhesive?

All dentures are made to exacting measurements to support the tissue.  Any adhesive will help to support the denture even more. A new denture will have little or no space underneath it, so powder adhesive would be the best option if you need temporary support. A paste is used to bridge a gap under a denture, where…

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