Can I Repair My Dentures With Glue?

‘I will just crazy glue it together.’ I hear this all the time. Really? Of course, the glue will fail in the mouth and the problem will become larger because the glue will melt the denture base material. Thus toxic substances should not be going on in the mouth. So get your dentures repaired at our office and it will be done right. And we will be able to tell you why it’s breaking, providing a solution to correct this problem long term.

I will just use a denture adhesive. In cases where nothing else will help then, maybe this is a last resort. Adhesives are not such a great way to mask serious underlying problems with your dentures. If you need professional care to reverse and rehabilitate your oral condition, come in to see us!  We have the proper tools in our fully equipped lab!!!

At the Village Green Denture Clinic, we promise to work with you, to help you achieve outstanding results. We promise to serve you as needed, when emergencies arise and when scheduled maintenance is required.

Remembering that your oral health can and will affect your overall health, we will do our best to provide you with personalized care, products and service, so that we can make wearing dentures as stress free as possible.

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