Avoiding Denture Problems

Some denture wearers experience infections in their mouths. Cheilitis is not common problems, but it can occur. Cheilitis is a painful infection causing inflammation and cracks in the corners of your mouth. It seems like it might be because of the dentures but it is, in fact, a result of yeast in your body. And the yeast accumulates in the moist areas of your mouth when your dentures are not fitting properly. Cheilitis can be prevented by visiting your denturist regularly (at least once a year) so your denturist can make the necessary adjustments or relines to re-fit your denture. And you must do your part too! Properly cleaning your dentures daily and chewing evenly on both sides of your denture will maintain the fit of your denture. You and your denturist work together to maintain your dentures and the health of your mouth.
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