Denture After Care


Taking care of your dentures

Annual exams are as important as your denture fabrication visits, because they allow us to keep the bite even and to assess the soft tissues in your mouth. We can check for inflammation and disease, a lot of which goes undetected by you. We perform VELscope scans, a safe and powerful oral screening tool used for the detection of oral abnormalities. This VELscope tool is an important aid in the fight against oral cancers

The mouth has a terrible warning system for our health. It’s as if the smoke detector sounds after the house is burned down. When you feel something in your mouth, it’s already too late. Your denturist sees things in your mouth that you are still unaware of.

We don’t wait for you to feel looseness or soreness; we refit the dentures and adjust the bite to keep the bone resorption to a minimum.

We have a hygienist on site to provide the cleaning service required to maintain your existing natural teeth and your implant abutments.

Our practice is active in keeping you informed for your continued treatment. We will not make you a denture, and then send you out the door. You will be our patient and we will care about your smile!

We service Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Mississauga & Toronto

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